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We are happy to help in your self-improvement journey, we believe that health care should be affordable, proactive, and preventative. 

Give us a call today to inquire about our IV Therapy, Vita Shots,  Supplements, Blood Testing Thermiva Vaginal Rejuvenation, and Customized Weight Loss Plans!

The Wellness Program

Lose weight in 90 days

Our scientifically informed 90-day fitness, nutrition, vitamin therapy, and concierge support regimen to keep you healthier for longer. This program was specifically designed to support individuals with goals to lose weight, improve their diet, enhance their cognitive health and happiness while being held accountable by a supportive and knowledgeable team.  This program includes the Reboot Blood Panel before and after the start of the program, fitness and nutrition tracking, a customized vitamin therapy regimen and so much more! Learn more about it by clicking the button below. 

Benefits of
IV Therapy

  • Natural & effective ingredients.
  • Comfortable facility and clinically trained staff.
  • A method of preventive and proactive health care.
  • No downtime.
  • Total 100% micronutrient absorption
  • Improved immunity, recovery, digestion, energy, and metabolic health.

Winter Park

Blepharoplasty at YMD

Eyelid surgery (eyelid lift), is known medically as blepharoplasty (pronounced: blef-aR-o-plas-tee), and addresses droopy upper eyelids that may interfere with vision (upper blepharoplasty) and lower eyelid bagging and wrinkling (lower blepharoplasty). Blepharoplasty is most often performed on both upper and lower eyelids together. This gives patients a balanced and harmonious result and is also more cost and recovery time efficient.

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