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Tattoo Removal

Tattoo removal is a gentle cosmetic technique utilizing Q-switched YAG lasers to dissolve tattoo ink pigments. At YMD, our YAG laser technology precisely targets the tattoo pigment, heating it to break down into smaller fragments that the body can naturally flush out. The number of sessions needed for complete removal varies based on factors such as the tattoo’s size, color, age, and the individual’s skin type, with an average of about eight sessions for thorough removal. This method not only fades unwanted tattoos effectively but also minimizes the risk of hypertrophic scars and surgery-related scarring, resulting in smooth, clear skin.

More About Laser Tattoo Removal

How Can I Prepare for Laser Tattoo Removal?

The number of sessions required for the best results varies based on the tattoo’s size, color, and age. Discuss your medical history with a healthcare provider and follow their advice on adjusting medications and skincare routines. Stay away from UV rays and self-tanning products before treatment to prevent negative reactions. Refrain from waxing or tweezing for one to two weeks prior to your session.

What Can I Expect?


Prior to your laser treatment, the skin will be numbed with an injection of a local anesthetic. After the procedure you may experience swelling and redness. In order to soothe any discomfort caused by the procedure, our laser specialist is happy to provide you with a cold compress.


The recovery period will vary from patient to patient. Antibacterial ointment will help to promote healing. There is potential for scarring as well as skin discoloration. It is important to discuss these concerns with your doctor so that we may help you achieve skin that you not only look good in, but feel confident in as well.


After your tattoo removal treatment, expect some redness, swelling, and raised skin areas, which typically subside within two weeks. Darker colors such as black and blue are usually easier to remove, whereas lighter shades like yellow and green might need more sessions. Regain your confidence; book your laser tattoo removal consultation today.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here at YMD, we offer everything from surgical procedures, laser treatments, and aesthetic enhancements that help you feel as good as you look. 

Tattoo removal is generally safe for most skin types, but certain skin conditions or medical issues may affect the safety and effectiveness of the treatment. Your healthcare provider can evaluate your skin type and health history to determine if tattoo removal is appropriate for you.

Tattoo removal can cause some discomfort or a sensation of heat during the treatment, but most patients find it tolerable. Numbing cream or a cooling device may be used to reduce any discomfort during the procedure.

The number of tattoo removal treatments needed for optimal results depends on several factors, including the size, color, and age of the tattoo, as well as the individual's skin type and overall health. Generally, a series of 6-12 treatments spaced 4-6 weeks apart is recommended for best results.

While modern lasers can effectively remove most tattoo colors, some pigments may be more difficult to remove than others. Darker colors like black and blue are generally easier to remove, while lighter colors like yellow and green may require more treatments.

Prior to tattoo removal, it's important to avoid sun exposure and tanning beds for at least 2 weeks. Inform your healthcare provider of any medications you are taking or medical conditions you have that may affect the safety or effectiveness of the treatment. Additionally, it's important to follow any pre-treatment instructions provided by your healthcare provider to ensure the best possible results.


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