Dr. Ruth Yeilding, MD

5 Reasons to Book Your Consultation with Dr. Yeilding

Ruth Hill Yeilding M.D. has board certifications by the American Board of Facial Cosmetic Surgery and the American Board of Ophthalmology. Coupled with over 7 years of intensive facial plastic surgery and cosmetic injectable experience, Dr. Yeilding is recognized as having specialized skills in Facelifts, Blepharoplasty, Laser and Injectables to achieve full facial treatment, yet assure a completely natural look. Modern medically trained, Dr. Yeilding will assure your fundamental safety as her TOP priority. This is her specialty and her passion.

Extensive experience with the latest injectables, as well as surgery, Dr. Yeilding may find a solution to a concern that you may not have considered. She is trained to understand the different aesthetic needs of males and females. Dr. Yeilding will create a customized treatment plan for you. With your safety at the forefront, Dr. Yeilding will advise “No” to procedures not appropriate for you.

She enjoys engaging with patients and will take the time to really listen to you. She listens to understand specifically what is bothering you, how lifestyle and your overall health may play a role, and how much downtime you are willing to accept in order to make the best of the highly customized treatment recommendations for you.

Dr. Yeilding is specialized in Eye & Face.  Eyes are totally unique and so are the supporting tissues surrounding them. In order to qualify you for Eyelid or Facelift Surgery, she will first assure that your eye health will not be compromised, and that surgery is safe for you. Best aesthetic results are achieved when special attention is paid to the complex muscles, nerves, blood vessels and fat pads around your eyes and face. Since eye beauty is critical to facial beauty, Dr. Yeilding will make sure your eyes achieve natural results by following your natural contours with incisions that hide as well as fade.

Receiving the evaluation and recommendations of Dr. Yeilding is a unique and valuable experience.


4 Things to Think About, PRIOR to your CONSULTATION

If surgery is a consideration, best to look at both home and business calendars to see when I can best afford two weeks of very low activity for good recovery and optimal results.

Helpful spouses, family or friends who participate from the beginning can help with key decisions or lend a helping hand as a driver and/or caregiver.  How does their schedule look?

Dr. Yeilding says Please Evaluate your lower eyelids.  Are your lower bags making you look tired? They can be fixed. We find our Insurance-covered upper lid patients end up the happiest, when they choose to have Dr Yeilding fix both their drooping upper lids and those lower lids bags.  In addition to the most complete rejuvenation and facial harmony, this is also more convenient for recovery and safety (one anesthesia event) to have lowers fixed while already having upper lid surgery.  She excels in this specific surgery. Insurance-covered patients get financial and recovery advantages if they do both.  They get a remarkable facial rejuvenation that eliminates the tired look and increases human engagement (face-to-face communication) with their spouse, friends, family, customers and business colleagues.

2 Things that are NOT INCLUDED in a Dr. Yeilding Consultation


1. Promotion of treatments that are LOW efficacy or NOT a good match for you.

Many cosmetic oriented practices offer dozens of low efficacy treatments that patients are “willing to pay for”. Dr. Yeilding has a standard for effective treatment that is much higher than most, and only offers treatments with the potential for significant positive outcomes.


2. A Bad Attitude

Dr. Yeilding and the entire Team at YMD Facial Plastic Surgery ALL pride themselves on providing an extraordinary patient experience.  For New Patients, a consultation with a facial plastic surgeon can be somewhat unknown, a little scary, or even highly emotional.  We promise to treat all patients with respect and empathy.  We seek to earn your trust by having each member of the YMD team provide a positive human experience.



#1 Reason to KEEP Your appointment


Dr. Yeilding, Dr. Yeilding, Dr. Yeilding. Getting her expertise and advice is a rare and valuable experience. 

Dr. Yeilding is Double board certified in Eye & Face, with proven expert aesthetic skills both surgically and artistically.  She will evaluate your current facial aging condition, lifestyle needs, physical health and mental readiness for surgical procedures as well as non-invasive treatments.  Your consultation will be face-to- face with a facial plastic surgeon who takes the time to really listen to you.   She will listen to your personal concerns and priorities and then generate a custom treatment plan for you that could include surgical and/or injectable treatment and/or skincare.   She will explain her view of what is realistic and what is not.  You will receive a fair quotation for the recommended plan and have a chance to match your recovery schedule with Dr. Yeilding’s surgery schedule.

Dr. Yeilding is looking forward to meeting you!