Dr. Ruth Yeilding, MD

Our Commitment to Referring Doctors


Ruth Hill Yeilding M.D., a board-certified Ophthalmologist and fellowship trained oculoplastic and facial plastic surgeon, and Medical Director of YMD Facial Plastic Surgery, and the YMD staff will provide a high-end, “Ritz Carlton” like, customer relationship experience built upon trust, comfort, cleanliness and privacy. Dr. Yeilding delivers unique and expert treatments achieving functional and aesthetic results exceeding community standards and often patient expectations, while keeping patient safety as the top priority.


YMD will deliver extra special treatment to patients of referring doctors because of the strong trust that a referring doctor places with Dr. Yeilding by their referral. The long-term growth driver to the practice is by word-of-mouth patient referrals to friends and family because they want them to share the same positive experiences and aesthetic results they received.

Patient Communication Objectives

  • Educate patients about the highly complex muscle, blood vessel and nerve anatomy of the face, especially around the eyes.
  • Communicate how a majority of facial muscles around “your eyes” (the upper eye lids, lower eye lids, and eyebrows) are responsible for expression and projecting either old and tired appearance, or a youthful “in-the-game” appearance.
  • Educate potential patients on the special anatomy and surgical training in oculoplastics and facial plastic surgery that Dr. Yeilding has received as one of a very small number of specialists in the country who has focused her practice on blepharoplasty. In the past five years, she has likely done more eyelid procedures than anyone currently in the Orlando area, and definitely has unsurpassed results. (See Below For Dr. Yeilding’s Surgical Experience)
  • Communicate that Dr. Yeilding’s patients indicate that not only is their vision improved after surgery, but they look refreshed, and they feel more self-confident, which is empowering in business and social settings. It’s not just about form and function, but also about mind and mood.
  • Because we know patients biggest fear is to look distorted or not like “themselves”, we show patients many before-and-after pictures of the same surgical procedures they are considering, for patients of similar age and ethnicity, to help them feel comfortable that Dr. Yeilding’s signature look is truly a “natural” result.
  • Give patients fair pricing and treat them with extraordinary care at every step in the process.

We Are a Narrow Focused Solo Practice

You WILL Get Your Patients Back
  • We do not offer any Optometry/Ophthalmology eye or vision exams.
  • We do not offer eyeglasses or contact lenses.
  • We don’t do any full body treatments, rhinoplasty or plastic surgery below the neck.
  • We are highly focused strictly doing oculoplastic and facial plastic surgery along with facial injectables for aesthetics.
  • All surgical and injectable treatments performed by Dr. Yeilding directly.


Dr. Yeilding’s Commitment to our Referring Doctors
  • We will make a comprehensive evaluation of your patients’ facial condition and oculoplastic needs.
  • Surgical treatment options given to the patient will be communicated to you after the initial consultation.
  • Dr. Yeilding will provide before & after photographs of your patients, and communicate other pertinent information back to the referring doctor so they can be fully informed about their patient status and progress.
  • Finally, we will treat your patients with a special degree of care, because we respect the trust you are putting into us with your patient referrals


Dr. Yeilding’s Surgical Experience in Oculoplastic and Facial Plastic Surgery

During her recent-most three years of active surgical practice, Dr. Yeilding has performed over 1500 primary eyelid surgeries. This number is dominated by upper and lower blepharoplasty (an average of >200 per year), followed by facial cancer reconstruction, laser resurfacing, Ptosis and other Oculoplastic procedures.  During this period, Dr. Yeilding has averaged more than 35 facial rhytidectomy procedures (facelifts) each year.