Dr. Ruth Yeilding, MD

Non-Invasive Fat Removal Services in Orlando, FL

Invasive fat removal services could be pretty difficult. It takes a really good and skilled surgeon to be able to remove the fat without harming any other organs or tissue. On top of that being out of work for a couple of weeks can be tough on people. Especially, if you have a family that […]

Can The Weather Help You Lose Weight?

The process of losing weight can be a difficult one. You’ll find yourself going on this long process where you may lose more times then you win. Weight is something that fluctuates so much that you may never know exactly what can happen when you embark on a weight loss journey. There will even be […]

Ice Your Way To A Great Body!

Athletes are always on the search to better their bodies in any way possible. They are usually under rigorous workout regimes and often feel very fatigued after practices and even games. One of the biggest things that they usually look into is cold-water immersion or an ice bath. This may seem scared at first but […]

Coolsculpting VS. Liposuction- Which One Should You Choose?

 A healthy diet and exercise is used everywhere to be able to keep our body and minds fully healthy. Not only that but it’s used universally as a way to shed the pounds and get the body we truly want. It’s a “fail-safe” formula for that toned physique you see yourself dreaming about sometimes.   […]

Freeze Away Any Unwanted Underarm Fat!

The bottom line is, even if you’ve got a well-rounded fitness routine and maintain a balanced diet, getting rid of underarm fat can be difficult. It can seem like all you do is try to lose that weight and zap away that fat but nothing is working so we’re going to try and give you […]

Juice Cleanses- Yay or Nay?

When we want to lose weight, it seems like we’d try just about anything to get the job done. Some people will take the long road and others will take any easy way so that they can see results faster. One of these ways is taking part in a juice cleanse. Juice cleanses have brought […]

7 Easy Secrets To Help You Burn Fat!

Boosting your metabolism to burn fat can be a hard thing to do. This is mostly because our bodies work in so many different ways. Sometimes it’s hard to understand what you have to do so that you reach your goal. Not only that but it’s a long and difficult journey that a lot of […]

Does CoolSculpting Really Work?

We all know the struggles of trying to get our dream body. Not only is the process long and hard but there’s the chance it won’t even work the way we want it to. There are always those hard to reach spots that eating right and exercising just can’t seem to erase. That’s why we […]

Does CoolSculpting Really Work?

There are many different studies that bring up the question about whether or not cool sculpting is the way to go for a fat reduction process. The FDA approved the use of CoolSculpting in 2010 and since then treatments have increased by 823 percent. That’s a great opener to dive in that question deeper.   […]