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Facelift and Neck Lift

Dr. Yeilding of Orlando will customize a treatment for you to safely remove wrinkles, excess skin, sagging and other visible signs of aging on the face and neck including those dreaded jowls.  Patients love it because in addition to a more youthful appearance, the neck is tightened so the patient looks leaner and healthier.*

Alternatively, for a non-surgical treatment to the neck area, you may consider Kybella to reduce the submental fat or double chin.

Mini Lift

This is for the person who is bothered by a sagging jaw line but the neck does not yet show signs of aging.  Dr. Yeilding will treat and tighten cheeks and jowls to allow for a more youthful appearance.*

Learn about Facelift and Neck Lift, watch our video


Learn more about Dr. Yeilding’s Facelift and Neck Lift techniques.

View our Facelift Before and After Gallery*


See the difference Facelift and Neck Lift techniques make in facial cosmetic surgery.*




By Ruth Hill Yeilding


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