Dr. Ruth Yeilding, MD

Will Face Masks Solve Your Skincare Problems?

Putting on a facemask probably doesn’t make you feel so pretty. What makes them so appealing is what many people say they provide. They’re used in many places to provide a quick fix for any skincare problems. Whether it’s a weird looking goop or a plastic sheet that you leave on your face, there are many different types of facemasks. The real question that has many on their toes is if they actually work!


When it comes to facemasks this is where it can get tricky. Everyone’s skin reacts differently to different products. Not always will these facemasks give you the result that you want. There is many times where they end up doing more harm then good.


Sometimes, people’s obsession with getting the right self care regime keeps them from doing what’s best for their skin. It’s good to understand that not everything you read is true. To figure out what’s best for your skin you should always visit your dermatologist.


According to Healthline, the short answer to your question depends on what type of facemask you want to use and what you’re trying to achieve from it. The way that a lot of facemasks work is by covering your face with the formula you want for an allotted time. That allows the formula enough time to soak into your skin so it can be absorbed.


A lot of the time, what a lot of people don’t understand is that their benefits aren’t really permanent. They are often used alongside a specific skin regime that you can keep up with every day. Not only that but some dermatologists even recommended that the easiest way out is usually what works best for everyone’s skin. There will be times when people go a bit too heavy on the exfoliators and face washes that end up hurting their skin rather than helping it. There can even be a chance that your skin is sensitive to the products you end up using.


While facemasks can do some good to your skin, it’s also important t understand when they can do harm. In a lot of peoples minds, the more you’re doing to your skin, the better it’ll be. That isn’t always the case. It’s good to keep in mind that sometimes more ingredients means that there is a bigger chance your skin will become irritated.


At YMD we know how important your skin is when it comes to your confidence. Not only does it play a big part in how you feel throughout you day but skincare is also something that’s under appreciated. It takes a lot to be able to find the right products for your skin so for those that have done it we applaud you!


For those that are having more of a rough time, we have some products that can help you get through it! There are so many things that wreak havoc on your skin. From the environment, all the way to aging. With SkinMedica, that’s no more. We want to be able to provide the best skincare options to all of our customers. The products that we have will help enhance the health and beauty of your skin and protect your investment for the long term.

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