Dr. Ruth Yeilding, MD

Why A Facelift?

When the signs of aging begins to show, sometimes you’ll find yourself trying every possible route to try and reverse the effects. One of the symptoms of aging is sagging skin and wrinkles. This can show up anywhere from our body to our face. The face is when a lot of people begin to freak out. When the sagging skin and wrinkles becomes prominent it can give off the appearance that you look a lot older then you probably are.


Other than aging, different factors like gravity and lifestyle can cause many negative anatomical changes to happen in the face. When we’re younger our face usually appears as smoother and tighter. That is because there is more collagen and elasticity that lies within. With age and environmental causes, this collagen and elasticity begins to decrease tremendously.


To try and figure out if a facelift is something you can consider, there are many things to look after. One of them is if you feel self conscious about the skin on your face and even neck. Confidence is extremely important to pave the path to a healthy life. Making sure that you feel 100% like your best self is something you should always strive to do.


Not only that but if you look in the mirror and you look older than you actually ar. One of the side effects of sagging skin is of course aging. This is weird to think about because it’s also the cause of the sagging skin and wrinkles. With an aging appearance, this can negatively affect your career or personal relationships in many ways. That’s why a facelift is a great thing to consider if you’re not feeling like yourself.


According to Cleveland Clinic, the best candidates for facial surgery are those that have signs of facial aging but who still have some skin elasticity. Some of the age ranges from the 40s-60s. if you’re not in those age ranges don’t fret, there are times where you can also get a facelift if you’re younger or older. There are many times where following a facelift, patients feel a surge of confidence. This is because their appearance portrays a healthier and more energetic vibe, which is what they want to give off.


At YMD we want to make sure that you’re well taken care of. Dr. Yeilding is personally passionate about facelift because of the significant improvement that her patients receive. She has extensive cosmetic surgery experience, making her perfect for this procedure. She provides mindful dedication and listening skills when her patients are explaining exactly what they want. This makes sure that she is always getting exactly what the patient wants for 100% positive results.


There is so much that a facelift can provide and we want you to see for yourself. Take a look on our website or social media for some before/after pictures. Instead of us just telling you about what we provide, we want to be able to show you that it really does work! After that, make sure you give us a call so that we can schedule your FREE consultation. Get on the road to a younger, more confident looking you!

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