Dr. Ruth Yeilding, MD

Why A Brow Lift?

It’s no secret that our eyebrows are one of the more defining features on our face. It’s shown to express emotion and even outline your eyes. A lot of people want to have these perfect eyebrows that will outline the other features of their face. Now what happens when you get older? It gets harder and harder for you to have the eyebrows of your dreams. 


It always seems like the skin around them is sagging and they always need a helping hand. This is when a lot of people opt for a brow lift. The surprising thing is that a lot of people don’t even know what that really consists of. Good thing we’re here to help.


A brow lift is a rather simple procedure that is used to raise the brows. It targets the tissue on your forehead which helps give you more youthful look. Your surgeon can tighten the skin on your face and reposition the eyebrows to a more desirable location for you. This all depends on what your goals are for your appearance so it’s important to let your surgeon know what you have in mind.


Of course, it’s always important to understand when you may really need the procedure. Everyone has their reasons but the more common ones are:

  • Low eyebrow position
  • Excess skin hanging over the eye
  • Creases across the forehead
  • Frown lines

Whatever your reasoning, our team will make sure that you walk out feeling like your best self.


So you finally chose to get the procedure done, now what? Well, it’s always important to understand the process of it all. Since it’s such a simple procedure, you will start noticing the results in a few weeks. Every surgeon can have their own way of doing a surgery but a brow lift normally consists of the same steps:

  • Anesthesia is given to the patient
  • Coronal or Endoscopic incisions are made
  • Forehead skin is lifted to the position
  • Incisions are closed


In conclusion, not everyone wants to get an work done but there are instances where you may just want your youthful look back. Here at YMD Eye & Face we specialize in making sure you walk out with more confidence then you walked in. It’s as simple as telling us what you want and letting us do all the work. 


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