Dr. Ruth Yeilding, MD

What to Do Before and After HydraFacial

How you take care of yourself can maximize the results.

HydraFacial treatments are a very important procedure in helping patients achieve great skin. HydraFacial can be considered a combination of top surgery technology with the comfort you would receive in a day spa. The process is a simple one to go through that can yield great results.

To get the most out of this treatment, you need to prepare for them beforehand as well as take necessary steps after the fact. These guidelines that could book end your treatments can help you maximize your potential of great success.

Guidelines Before HydraFacial

These pre-treatment instructions should be followed leading up to the HydraFacial appointment.

2 Weeks Out

-Don’t use any laser treatments for any issues starting at 14 days before your appointment.

-Avoid using and medium or deep chemical resurfacing treatments.

-Any filler treatments should be taken care of before the two week window before your appointment.

-Stop smoking. Tobacco smoke can have a negative impact on your skin.

1 Week Out

-No Botox treatments should be given within the week leading up to the appointment. Botox treatments could be given on the same day as your appointment after HydraFacial has finished.

72 Hours Prior

-Avoid laying out directly in the sun, and cover your face as best as you can if you must go outside.

-Don’t use artificial tanning beds as an alternative. Avoid using tanning lotions as well.

48 Hours Prior

-Stop using all over-the-counter acne treatment medications.

-Don’t have any exfoliating treatments performed. Also refrain from using topical Retin-A.

-There should be no waxing or depilatories at this point.

24 Hours Prior

-Men shouldn’t shave prior to treatment. If you must, do so no sooner than three hours before your appointment.

Recommendations After HydraFacial

The HydraFacial treatment is finished. Now here is what you do to make the most of your appointment.

24 Hours After

-Avoid hot showers or saunas.

-Don’t perform any intense cardio.

-Refrain from using makeup. If you must, keep it to a minimum.

48 Hours

-Don’t use Retin-A for the first 2 days after your appointment.

-Continue to avoid using waxing.

-If you wash your face, only use what is recommended by the surgeon providing the treatment.

72 Hours

-Maintain not using tanning beds or direct sunlight exposure as best as you can until three days afterward.

-Start using hydropeptide SPF 30 or greater at this point.

-Other steps to be taken after treatments can be recommended by the surgeon providing the treatment if warranted.


Now you know what to do before your HydraFacial treatment as well as what to do after the fact. The only aspect left is the treatment itself. Dr. Ruth Hill Yeilding and her team Sat Yeilding Eye and Face Laser and Plastic Surgery proudly serve patients in the Orlando, Florida area interested in HydraFacial as well as their other services. Call 407-560-1000 for more information and to set up a personal consultation.

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