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The RIGHT Temperature To Wash Your Skin

Washing your face is probably the easiest part of your skincare routine. Or is it? Washing your face the right way will be able to get rid of any impurities and dirt from the day so that your skin can thrive! Where it can get difficult is when all the questions about whether or not you should wash it with cold or hot water. That’s where we come in to make it easier on you.


There’s no doubt that you should always be taking care of your skin. The sad thing is that as we get older you can start to see our age on our skin. This is all the more reason to take care of it the right way. We say the right way because even if you are keeping up with a skincare regime, it may not be the right one.


Everyone’s skin is different, meaning that the type of products that you apply on your skin won’t be the same as someone else. So how do you figure out what’s right for you? The answer is your dermatologist; trial and error. This is going to be the best foolproof way for you to find the right products for you.


Now, onto the task at hand. What temperature water should you wash your face with? This probably sounds like a simple question but there’s a lot of science behind it. Here we’ll go through some of the benefits and dis advantages of cod and hot water so that you can make your decision a bit better.


Cold water can benefit the skin in many ways. One of them is how it can shrink our pores! According to IPSY, cold water is used as a natural toner on the skin. This means that it helps the pores look less visible while it keeps the skins natural oils inside. Not only that but it helps reduce puffiness in the face. When you splash cold water on your face your blood vessels will constrict and improve circulation. That’s why you feel so much more awake when you wash you face with cold water in the morning.


One of the cons of washing your face with just cold water can also be the fact that it shrinks our pores. After a long day out in the environment and working, your skin has definitely gathered dup some dirt and debris. If your shrink, this will make it harder for you to really clean your face. This means that using only cold water in the long run can actually result in more breakouts on your skin.


Now onto hot water. Hot water is said to be the best to be ale to actually clean your face. Washing your face with hot water can help open up your pores which allows the skincare cleanser to get into your skin and actually clean out the dirt. Not only that but it’s also a great way to improve circulation in your skin as well. This will allow your blood to move more freely through your blood vessels, which is essential for regrowth of damaged tissue.


The cons of hot water are pretty simple. Because of how much it can clean the face, it will strip your skin of the natural oils it produces. This, in the future, can be in charge of drying out your skin. Because your skin will be dry, your skin will be overproducing oil so that it can become hydrated, leading to more breakouts in the future.


It seems like no matter what your skin is always going to breakout. While this can be true, we have found that the right temperature to wash your face with is both cold and warm water! Washing your face first with warm water will help get rid of all the dirt and debris that your skin might be holding onto. After cleaning your face, splash some cold water on it. This will help close up your pores to provide you for the perfect base for the rest of your products.



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