Dr. Ruth Yeilding, MD

The Power Of Blepharoplasty

As we get older, the more we want to grasp onto any kind of youth that we may have left. Sadly, our eyes are one of those things that age with time.  When that happens you’ll start to notice that bags will start forming under your eyes. That’s because your skin is slowly losing its elasticity and collagen. The real question is why do you notice yourself having bags earlier on?


One of the most common answers is sleep! According to Mattress World Northwest, the skin under our eyes is thinner. This means that the blood vessels are a lot closer to the surface. The average amount of sleep that we should be getting per day is about 8-9 hours. When our body doesn’t get that amount those blood vessels begin to dilate. Not only that but fluids will begin to leak into your skin, which is what causes the eye bags.


The good thing is that bags under the eyes aren’t really a sign of concern. They’re a sign that you should get some sleep or that age is catching up to you. When that happens, we have one of the best ways to bring your youth back. Blepharoplasty is a cosmetic treatment that may people use to get rid of their under eye bags.


During this surgery the surgeon, in this case Dr. Yeilding, will remove the excess fat through and incision that’s made. She has unique experience and skill to be able to make her patients look as natural and possible. The main goal is to have her patients walk out feeling more confident and happy with their results.


Another great thing that we provide is Laser Blepharoplasty. This allows Dr. Yeilding to provide a more detailed and natural incision for the patient. The result will be a lot cleaner, making this the cosmetic procedure for you. When we have sagging skin, the biggest downside is how much it can change our appearance. This can completely change the way our face looks and that’s what causes a lot of our patients to lose the confidence they once had.


In the case that you want to hear more about this procedure you can visit our website. We have information along with before and after pictures to show you the results! Not only that but you can give us a call today and we can schedule a FREE consultation for you. Get started on a younger looking you!


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