Dr. Ruth Yeilding, MD

Thank Your Emotions For How Your Skin Looks

Our emotions run a lot of how we live our daily lives. Most of the time we don’t even have control over what emotion we’ll feel on a daily basis. There are some people that will spend a long time trying to figure out how to control their emotions and reactions while it comes easier to others. One thing that s known is that our emotions can have an effect on our body and even our skin.


Your complexion is a great indicator of what you’re thinking and even how you’re feeling. More importantly, our emotions transfer to how our skin looks and how people perceive us. SO how does our emotions effect our skin and how?


Stress is an everyday occurrence. It can be the smallest of things to big events in your life. The bottom line is that everyone experiences it. When our body becomes stressed our adrenal glands secrete many hormones. According to Shape, some of them are cortisol, testosterone, and epinephrine. These hormones can cause many reactions on our skin, which can lead to the production of excess oil. That excess oil can build up over time and cause breakouts on the skin.


Not only that but breakouts aren’t the only reactions that can come from stress. Some other ones may be psoriasis, cold sores, decreased immunity, and even increased blood vessels. This can cause under eye circles and puffiness. Basically, you can blame your hormones for the premature aging on your skin.


Another emotion that can illicit negative reactions on the skin is depression. Feeling sad is something that everyone goes through. Feeling that constant depression can be detrimental for our skins health. For example, when you are constantly furrowing your eyebrows winkles will begin to for. Not only that but the chemicals that are released when you feel depressed prevents your body from repairing inflammation in cells. This results in a lifeless complexion and can even effect your sleep.


When you were a kid you probably felt a lot of fear. Whether it was because the lights were off or the monster in your closet. As an adult that feeling of fear doesn’t always go away. When you feel threatened or even I danger, your mind is going to signal the adrenal glands to release epinephrine. This will sped up your heart rate and rush the blood to your body’s bigger muscles. All that adrenaline can take away some of the blood from your skin and face, causing it to look lifeless and dull.


While we understand that many times you cannot control what emotion you feel, it’s important to lead a healthy life. This means following all the steps to make sure your body and mind is being taken care of. Whether it’s staying hydrated, eating healthy or taking part in exercise, it’s good to be able to provide positivity and care to your body.


At YMD we want you to feel comfortable in your skin. That is why we provide many services for you to be able to regain that confidence. One of them is our skincare like with Skinmedica! We believe that skincare should go beyond the office. This way you can take care of your skin no matter what mood you’re in. To hear more information you can check out our website. If not you can give us a call and we can schedule a FREE consultation for you today.


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