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Selfies- The Culprit of Premature Ageing

These days, selfies are growing in popularity. If you’re one of those people that love to take selfies, or even pictures, we recommend you turn off your flash. Why? Well, there’s been a lot of question about whether the flashes from our phones could be playing a huge part in the wrinkles on our face.

The picture of youth is something everyone always yearns for. As we age, our skin starts to show obvious signs that our age is catching up to us. For some people, this is a call for disaster. Especially if they find out that camera flashes could be another thing that’s adding to the aging process. Aging is a process that no one can escape. We are usually on the lookout for things that can help SLOW down this process, not speed it up.

So, what really happens when the flash from our phone hits our faces? Let’s find out. According to Mirror, the frequent exposure to the light spectrum of selfie flashes may cause skin damage and even accelerated skin ageing. Not only that but it doesn’t do the best for our eyes either. When you were a child, you probably heard your parents constantly tell you to not stand too close to the TV. This is because of the blue light that’s emitted.

This brings us over to our next point. Not only is the selfie flashes bad for your skin but the blue light from our phones in general! The UV rays that are emitted from the selfie flashes can cause reactive oxygen species. This will destabilize the skin cells and cause the wrinkles. Don’t worry we have some good news as well.

It is said that the blue light that’s emitted, if it’s turned to a different frequency, it can decrease the amount of damage that is done to the sin. Not only that but the damage only seems to be intense when the phone is held closer to the face. If the phone is put on a tripod, then the damage is significantly less. Think about that next time you’re laying down with your phone around bedtime. Not only till the blue light cause skin problems in the future but it will also make it harder for you to fall asleep!

Let’s talk about HEV. This is High Energy visible light. Taking away blue light, this is something that can also cause premature skin ageing. The skin loses its ability to heal faster than exposed to this kind of lighting. This is because of the inflammation that HEV causes. Now, yes, the blue light from your phone can be damaging but we don’t want to take the attention away from the real contender.

The sun is WAY more damaging to the skin then your phone. That is why we want to make sure that you know how important it is to protect your skin. Not only from the sun’s rays but everything around you. It’s the largest organ our body has and it’s very important to us. Without it, we would lose the protection that we currently have. As we get older, our skin loses some of its ability to stay strong. That is why you should start now.

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