Dr. Ruth Yeilding, MD

Sea Salt- The Cure For Acne?

Acne. It seems like some of us can never escape it. The hardest part about it all is that there really isn’t a cure. As much as we want to be able to just snap our fingers and it’ll go away, that’s never the case. Dealing with constant breakouts can diminish ones confidence and make it very hard to go about everyday tasks.


Once you experience a breakout, it seems like you begin to try everything possible to clear it up. One treatment that has become more popular is nature! More specifically, the ocean. While this may seem new to some of you, to others it’s their savior. How does this work? Let us tell you.


One of the biggest causes for pimples is built up oil and dirt in the skin. When you look at salt water, it’s biggest property is the salt itself. Salt has drying and exfoliating properties on ones skin. This means that it can help remove excess oil from the skin and dry out some pimples. It can even make your pores look smaller for a more appealing appearance.


Have you ever gone for a dip in the ocean and when you walk out your hair seems a bit straw like? This is because of all the drying properties that the ocean water has. According to Mind, body, green Lifestyle, sea salt may even have anti-inflammatory properties. That means that for those bigger, puffier pimples there could be a chance that they can decrease in size.


Now, with all good, there has to be a bad somewhere. Sadly, saltwater comes with some cons as well.  Because the slat water comes with so many drying properties, this can make your skin excessively dry. If your skin becomes too dry then your glands will produce more oil, causing more breakouts in the future. This will have a completely opposite effect that you want it to have.


When you decide to take a dip in the ocean or even create your own seat salt soak at home, you have t make sure that you take of your skin the right way afterwards. This means making sure that it’s moisturized and hydrated. Dehydrated skin will do more damage then you think. While the main point of any acne treatment is to dry out the skin, too much of something will never be good. It’s good to try and do a sea salt soak probably 2 times a week. For more intense cases you can try it twice a day. This will exfoliate your skin the right way without overdoing it.


At YMD we want your skin to glow and for you to walk out with confidence! This means trying to give you the best services so that they can fit your needs. One of them is the hydrafacial. While it’s not the ocean, a hydrafacial is great for your skin. It helps extract debris form pores and nourish it with moisturizers. Does that sound good? We aren’t done yet!


We also provide a Skinmedica skincare line! This will be great to keep up your skincare at home the right way. Don’t miss out and check out our website. It has a lot of information to make sure you know exactly what you’re walking into. If you need more information make sure to give us a call. We’ll schedule your FREE consultation to get started!


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