Dr. Ruth Yeilding, MD

Pre and Post Treatment Care for Dermaplaning

The measures you take around it can be as important as the procedure itself.

Dermaplaning is a skin treatment procedure that calls for a clinician to use a blade for exfoliating your skin. The objective is to remove dead skin cells and hair. The ultimate goal is to help your skin attain a more youthful, glowing, and smooth appearance. It can also remove the finer and smaller hairs from your face that you may call “peach fuzz”.

The treatment itself is safe and has been effective for many people that have had it. In order to make the most out of the procedure, there are steps you should take before and after so you can make the most of the rewards reaped from dermaplaning.

Need to Reschedule?

There is one situation that could result in you having to not receive treatment at all. If you have active acne on the face, then you should call to reschedule your dermaplaning appointment. Neither you nor your clinician would want to cause a reaction or aggravate active acne by treatment.

Before Dermaplaning

What you do in the two weeks leading up to your treatment can help make Dermaplaning even more effective.

-Avoid excessive sun exposure. If you have to be outside for extended periods of time, then do your best to cover your face. A hat and sunglasses should be on at all times. You also shouldn’t use a tanning bed in the 14 days leading up to your treatment.

-If you must have any waxing, have it done outside of the two week window. Yes, waxing also removes unwanted hair, but it removes layers of skin cells as well. Waxing less than two weeks before your dermaplaning treatment can cause irritation.

-Stop smoking. If you want a reason to quit, this could be a good one. Smoking could decrease blood circulation and negatively affect healing. You should stop smoking two weeks before your treatment, and refrain from starting up to two weeks after.

After Dermaplaning

Aside from the individual instruction the clinician provides, you should refrain from doing everything you stopped doing before the treatments for at least a few days. There are other steps you should take as well.

-Men shouldn’t shave for a few days after treatment so the skin can heal properly. Women shouldn’t wear makeup unless it’s absolutely necessary. If you must, keep what you wear to a minimum.

-Don’t wear any skin creams unless it’s suggested by the clinician. Anything that is provided by the clinician will help you. Anything that is over the counter may be counterproductive.


Dermaplaning is one of the many treatments and services that are available for patients of Yeilding Eye and Face Laser and Plastic Surgery. Dr. Ruth Hill Yeilding works with a licensed aesthetician to provide 15 minute dermaplaning treatments before her patients receive HydraFacial treatments. Dermaplaning helps make the HydraFacial treatments even more effective. For more information about dermaplaning or HydraFacial, call 407-560-1000 today.


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