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Is Exercise Making You Look Older?

It seems like all we want to do is make sure that we look as young as possible. As we age our bodies begin to show just how much aging can affect us. A lot of people say that the secret to staying healthy is eating right and exercising daily. What if the ne thing that’s keeping you in shape is also what’s contributing to the premature aging on your face? That’s what we’re about to find out.


Exercising has been used everywhere as a way to make sure that our bodies stay in shape but so that we also stay healthy overall. Lately, there has been a lot of talk about whether or not the exercise we do contribute to our faces looking a lot older then they are. A lot of people like to call this the resting gym face. This is because of the effects that exercising a lot an do to your face, especially if you don’t take care of it the right way.


Let’s go into more detail. When you workout a lot and take the right steps into losing weight. There is a lot of fat that’s also lost during the process. You’ll often notice that you are left with a lot of sagging skin either on the body or on the face. This is where the term gym face comes from. It doesn‘t necessarily mean you’re getting older. Your skin was once holding more fat that helped it stretch out. A lot of the time when you lose that fat, your skin won’t be able to bounce back like it once did.


The good thing is that this type of problem, according to DC Derm Docs, is only really noticeable in people around the ages of 40-60. That’s because your skin has lost a lot of its collagen and elasticity so it’s not able to form around your face as well. The constant work and movement, due to gravity, of your workout can also have your skin begin to sag the more you workout.


Not only tat but there are many people that when their goal is to lose weight, they take part in a lot of cardio. When you rely so much on cardio your body is lacking that ability to grow muscles in place of the fat that is lost. That will result in more sagging skin. That is why it’s recommended in a well thought out workout program for you to be able to balance the amount of cardio you do with the amount of weightlifting you do. Weightlifting will not only help you lose weight as well but it can also help your body tighten up and build muscle where it needs to.


Now, how can you reverse these effects if it’s even possible? Without surgery we recommend that you take care of your body in the best way. This means making sure you drink a lot of water decrease the amount of cardio you do, wear sunscreen when taking part in outside exercise, and take breaks!


If that’s not something that is working out for you, we want to bring you to plastic surgery. At YMD we want you to look as young as you may feel, no matter the reason. This means making sure our services work for you! They are designed specifically so that we can bring out the more natural looking you without so much hassle. To learn more all you have to do is visit our website. Once you’ve doe that then give us a call! We can set up a FREE consultation for you today.


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