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Ice Your Way To A Great Body!

Athletes are always on the search to better their bodies in any way possible. They are usually under rigorous workout regimes and often feel very fatigued after practices and even games. One of the biggest things that they usually look into is cold-water immersion or an ice bath. This may seem scared at first but it’s very common. Just the thought of putting one of your limbs in the ice cold water may seem like a reason to run so just imagine submerging your ENTIRE body in a bucket of ice.


If this is something that you’ve never done, it’s actually something that goes back many decades. Athletes will usually submerge their bodies in ice-cold water for about 10-15 minutes after an intense workout or even competition. According to Healthline, this is used to help reduce muscle pain and soreness in the body.


So are those t holy benefits that you can get from ice baths? No! Cold temperatures bring many benefits like:

  • Other than helping your muscles an ice bath is great for the central nervous system. It aids in sleep and even makes you feel less tired.
  • When it comes to athletes, they always have to be in the best shape. Not only that but they also have to be able to recover from the long, hard practices very quickly. With that being said, an ice bath is perfect. It helps limit the inflammatory response, which aids in recovery time.
  • Would you believe us if we said that it could actually help your immune system? Well believe it! According to Greatist, there’s a study that states those who take ice baths are less likely to call in sick from work or school.


The list is endless! With that being said, it doesn’t mean that there aren’t any cons to taking ice baths. Of course, one of the more unpleasant parts of an ice bath is the initial feeling when your body is submerged in an environment that cold. From that point, there are some other things that you should watch out for.


One of those things is the amount of time that you are submerged. Hypothermia is very real and it’s a cause for concern. It is only recommended to stay under for about 10 minutes. If you start to feel any weird feelings in your limbs, it’s good to get out. Not only that but the decrease in your body temperature can make it harder for blood to flow through your veins. This can be dangerous to those that have decreased blood flow already because it puts you at risk for cardiac arrest or even stroke.


At the end of the day, the best way to see how you react to something is to try it! Ice baths can be a great experience or they can be one of those things that you may never try again. One thing that we recommend for you to try is our Coolsculpting!


This is taking ice baths is a whole new level and could have many benefits for you and your weight loss plans. Cooler temperatures can help your metabolism speed up, which burns more calories. With Coolsculpting we are applying those cold temperatures to one part of your body. This is going to “freeze” away the fat and get your body on the right path. For more information all you have to do is visit our website or give us a call. We’ll be able to schedule a FREE consultation with you today.


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