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How To Lose Fat Without Dieting

When it comes to losing weight, it seems like many people result in crazy diets that they see on the Internet. Sticking to a diet plan can become difficult and there are many times where they don’t work. Many of them will help you lose the pounds quickly but is it really worth it? You’ll be left hungry and deprived only to gain all the weight back as soon as you eat anything that’s not on the diet plan. You don’t need to be left with an all or nothing approach when it comes to your weight loss and that’s why we want to help.


Fad diets usually remove many important nutrients that your body needs to function the right way. Because of this, you may develop health problems and your goal to lose weight won’t be met. Because of their restrictive nature, fad diets can be so hard to stick to in the long run. That is why many people gain so much more weight after they take part in one. Their body is so deprived of basic nutrients and even cravings that they over indulge in specific foods.


Something that a lot of dieticians say is that when it comes to losing weigh effectively, it’s best to do it slowly. This will make it a lot more possible to keep it off in the long run. In fact, there are many people that say that when they tried to g on a diet, they actually ended up gaining more weight. According to Mind Body Green, Jon Gabriel states that his weight loss had nothing to do with the amount of calories that he consumed. It went much deeper than that.


One of the most successful Olympians, Michael Phelps, Says goodbye to restricting diets and hello to fueling his body! According to Business Insider, before the 2008 Beijing Olympics, he would eat about 8-10,000 calories a day. Or some people this may have been way too much to the point that it would be detrimental to their health but for Michael Phelps, it helped him get gold.


Many dieticians even say this type of “diet” isn’t recommended but because Michael Phelps was training about 5 hours everyday, he was constantly burning all the calories he consumed. This is why we want to bring awareness to everything else that you can do to help burn fat from your body. While many people go the diet route, it’s important to be educated on the other types of things you can do to make you an overall healthier person AND burn the calories.


Fat Loss Alternatives




Coolsculpting has become one of the fastest growing fat reduction treatments that is available today. For some people, even with the right foods and exercise, some fat just doesn’t go away. Coolsculpting will be able to freeze it away! With many fat reducing techniques being developed over the years, a lot of them are ineffective or just simply too invasive. Coolsculpting is a great way to take part in a noninvasive procedure to get you the right results. 


Stay Hydrated


A lot of the time our bodies can’t tell the difference between boredom and hunger. This is why we often go into the kitchen and eat when we’re bored with nothing to do.  Good way to see if your body is just bored or actually hungry is to drink water. We know this may sound like it doesn’t make sense but it may even work. Making sure that you’re constantly drinking water will fill up your stomach more until you are actually hungry or till it’s time for your next meal.


Cook At Home


Fast food is such an easy way to get our meals especially when we’re constantly on the run throughout the week. We want to encourage you to try and refrain from doing that! All of those foods are overly processed and so bad for your health. Cooking meals at home usually ends up being healthier, more fun, and a time saver. You can meal prep so that throughout the week all you have to do is heat it up and enjoy! Not only that but when you spend some time eating from home and forming healthier habits, it can translate to whenever you actually do eat out.


Eat Protein


Protein doesn’t just help build muscle but it’s a great tool for fat loss. Our bodies can’t digest protein as quickly as other foods so eating it will help you stay fuller for a longer period of time. Not only that but it may help steer you into eating healthier foods! Another type of food that keeps you fuller longer is fiber rich foods. A specific type, called viscous fiber, increases fullness and may even reduce food intake. 


Decrease Stress


Stress is inevitable but the sad thing is that it could be adding to the weight gain. Stress causes elevated levels of cortisol and even inflammatory hormones. All of these hormones can lead to more cravings and may even put your body into chronic fat storage mode. Learning how to reduce the stress in your life is a very important tool in your weight loss journey. You’ll even notice that you’re starting to feel better emotionally. This may even help you eat healthier foods in general.


Stay Active


This one’s a no brainer. Staying active is not only good for your health but it may be able to help burn off some fat. It is recommended to work out for at least 30 minutes everyday. This will have many benefits on your body, mind, and heart. As you progress you may even start to become more educated in workouts and find a new love in exercise! According to Business Insider, people who workout in the morning on an empty stomach can burn up to 20% more body fat during their workouts. 


Treat Yourself


We are always putting down unhealthy foods that more times than not it can lead to binging and a bump in your weight loss journey. Because of this, it’s good to know that it’s okay for you to indulge every once in a while! What you should keep in mind is how much you’re allowing yourself to indulge. You shouldn’t go overboard but allowing yourself to fall to some cravings can keep your body satisfied.




Taking care of your body is a long process. Not everyone is born with the knowledge that they need to do everything right. That’s why it’s important to take the right steps and educate yourself so that you can become your healthiest version. One of the biggest things that a lot of people struggle with is the concept of losing weight.


Not everyone’s body is the same so when it comes to weight loss, it’s important you find what’s best for you. There are many diets that don’t take into consideration how different bodies are and even how many nutrients they need to function the right way.


The healthiest way to lose any type of weight is to lead with a balanced lifestyle. It’s not always about restricting yourself but it’s not always about being extremely clean. As we explained in the article, there are other ways to lose weight without having to go into any crazy fad diets that the Internet recommends.


One of them is Coolsculpting. At YMD we want to make sure that your confidence never falters. Because of that we have so many different services tailored to you and your needs. Coolsculpting is a great, noninvasive, fat loss treatment to target the perky fat that you’re trying to get rid of. To hear more about what it can do all you have to do is visit our website. From there, give us a call and we’ll schedule your FREE consultation on the spot!


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