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Get Rid Of Pesky Water Weight

The fitness journey can be a hard and difficult one. Not only that but it can also be pretty long. There are some people that give up after not seeing results and others that get the opposite result that they’ve wanted. If you’re someone that keeps track of their weight constantly, you’re going to notice any small change. One of them being the water weight that you can gain.


Before we could dive deeper into everything we can about water weight, it’s important that you know how normal the experience is. Our bodies are around 50-60 percent water, according to Medical News Today! This is a big amount so it shouldn’t be a secret if it’s retaining more then usual. People say that if you see yourself losing weight fast, it’s all that water weight that your body is holding. This is also responsible for that bloated feeling you may get. This usually happens because your body is keeping the water that is supposed to go to your kidneys. So what can you do about it?


One of the biggest causes of water weight is the excess salt that we eat with our diets. That sodium binds with all the water and keeps it trapped. The body needs to keep a balanced sodium to water ratio so when it noticed that there’s more sodium in the body it will keep more water. Not only that but the amount of carbohydrates that you eat will also play a big part. The carbs that we don’t use right away our body stores as glycogen. This pulls in water and that’s why we store more water.


When it comes to menstruation, it’s no secret how our bodies constantly change right before. The week before their period, women retain a lot of water due to all the hormones that they have. You’ll notice swelling in places from your face all the way to your legs and arms. This is a hard thing to get over because it’s something that happens so often. Not only that but pregnancy can also cause you to gain water weight especially when you’re closer to your due date.


When your belly becomes bigger there’s a lot of pressure that you’re putting on your body. The fluid that’s in your body goes out into the tissues and has trouble going back into the vessels. That’s why you may notice your ankles getting swollen. This is completely normal and there isn’t much you should worry about when that happens. However, if you feel pain then that could mean a bigger problem and you should make sure to check up with your doctor.


When you find yourself gaining that water weight it’s good to understand what you could do to get rid of it. One of the best ways to get rid of it is by exercising. This is because sweat releases all that water that’s getting built up in your body. Not only that but making sure that you’re managing your stress is very import to reduce water weight. All that cortisol that builds up when you’re stressed will influence the amount of water weight you accumulate. 


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