Dr. Ruth Yeilding, MD

Does CoolSculpting Really Work?

There are many different studies that bring up the question about whether or not cool sculpting is the way to go for a fat reduction process. The FDA approved the use of CoolSculpting in 2010 and since then treatments have increased by 823 percent. That’s a great opener to dive in that question deeper.


The process of body sculpting has been heard by many people but now is when we are here to tell you that it really does work. The whole cool sculpting process uses a specific procedure called cryolipolysis. This is basically when the area is placed into two panels where it’s going to cool the fat to a freezing temperature.


There was a study in 2009 that said that the process of cryolipolysis reduced the treated area by as much as 25 percent and that those results were still present 6 months later. This is because the frozen fat cells are excreted out of the liver after several weeks of treatment. 


Some places that people tend to get this treatment done is:

  • thighs
  • lower back
  • stomach
  • sides
  • neck

CoolSculpting is known as one of the best noninvasive treatments for fat loss. The technology these days aids in making the process easier and stress free. What noninvasive also means is that there is barely any downtime. You won’t have to sit there and recover like other surgeries would probably have you do.  Research has stated that since our fat cells are more hypersensitive to the cold, this is what helps the treatment kill them off so that you can look leaner without all the hassle.


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