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Can The Weather Help You Lose Weight?

The process of losing weight can be a difficult one. You’ll find yourself going on this long process where you may lose more times then you win. Weight is something that fluctuates so much that you may never know exactly what can happen when you embark on a weight loss journey. There will even be times where you’ll find yourself losing more weight in specific months then others. This is where the question, Do temperatures affect weight, comes from.


This is a difficult question to answer just because of the fact that everybody’s body is different. That means that they react differently to different temperatures. Lets talk about hot temperatures first. For a lot of people, when the temperatures are warmer this will help them get up and stay active. In the long run this can add to the weight loss in many positive ways.


Taking away the fact that you may actually feel more inclined to workout, it’s said that during the more humid and warmer months, you are actually prone to gaining more weight then losing. This is because of the amount f sweat you build up. Don’t freak out now, this is mostly going to be water weight so it won’t be too difficult to lose it. When you sweat, your body is going to absorb that water as a way to cool down in the warmer months.


Some people may think that the more they sweat, the more weight they are losing but that’s not true. It’s good to keep in mind that sweating means that you’re losing the water that our body has built up, not necessarily the fat you want to get rid of. Getting rid of that weight ill consist of a good workout an eating regime.


Now let’s go into the colder months. This is when a lot of people feel like they may gain more weight and for some reasons it could be true. The secret is, it doesn’t have to be! The reason you may gain more weight during the winter month sis simply because it’s too cold for you to have the motivation to get up and stay active. If you were to stay active during the colder months, AARP states that you could lose more weight.


When it’s cold, your body fights to stay warm a lot more. That means that your metabolism is moving a lot quicker then when it’s warmer out. This may be news to some people just simply because as soon as it gets colder, some of us stop being as active. It’s time to erase the myths behind weight gain in the winter months and take advantage of it!


Weight loss in general might be a hard thing to do. At YMD we provide Coolsculpting as one of our services. It has quickly become one of the fastest growing fat reduction treatments that are available today and so many people don’t know about it yet! The Coolsculpting tool uses cold temperatures to “freeze” away the fat that’s stored in your body. This is because cool temperatures are better at burning calories then warmer ones!


There are so many fat-reducing options out there that have proven to be ineffective at being able to help bring peoples bodies to look how they want. Coolsculpting is a good way to guide you in the right direction. Make sure you visit our website for more information or give us a call. We’ll be able to set up a FREE consultation for you today.


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