Dr. Ruth Yeilding, MD

Bring Back Full And Natural Looking Brows

Eyebrows are very important to our facial features. They are great at showing emotions and highlighting all other parts of our face. A lot of people look for a “full-brow” kind of look but sometimes are let down. Whether it is genetics or a plethora of other things, nobody’s eyebrows are made equal. One thing you can start to notice is that your eyebrows will also never stay the same your whole life.


This can bring up many questions but the main one is usually, “why?” This is a hard question to answer because everyone is so different so there may not even be one answer. When that happens we have some different reasons as to why you’ll notice your eyebrows thinning.


This seems like the obvious reason but aging can actually play a huge part in the thinning of your eyebrows. When our skin loses its elasticity, the hair follicles can become brittle and some will even stop producing hair to begin with. Not only that but different conditions like eczema can play a part of your hair thinning. This is because of the constant itching.


Hormonal issues can also be a cause for your sparse eyebrows. This is especially big during menopause. When women go through this change in their hormones, different hormones like progesterone begin to decline. The result of that is your eyebrows thinning and falling out. Not only that but nutritional deficiencies play a big part. If you’re deficient in nutrients like iron, zinc, and even protein, this can be a cause for your thin brows.


Fear not because for every problem, many times there is a solution. According to Martha Stewart, there are ways to help the thinning of your brows so that you can continue to feel as confident as you look! One of the best ways to bring back some of your brows is to use some conditioning serums. There are serums out there that are specialized for hair growth so that it can strengthen your follicles. Not only that but if you’re used to grabbing those tweezers, put them down!


Tweezing and even waxing your eyebrows will only make them thinner over time. It’s important to try and keep them as natural as possible, or just give off that impression. What we mean by that is Microblading! If you continue to notice that your eyebrows are thinning out and that you are slowly loosing the confidence in them, we have the perfect fix.


At YMD one of the services we provide is Microblading. While this may not fix the problem permanently, it will definitely help. Microblading is a semi permanent way to tattoo on your eyebrow. This may sound a bit scary but we promise it’s not. It’s not even close to as painful as getting an actual tattoo and a good thing is that it lasts about 2-3 years.


To hear more information on how you can get the eyebrows of your dreams, all you have to do is give us a call! Right there we can answer your questions and even schedule a FREE consultation for you. Get on the road to beautiful brows today!

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