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Aloe Vera Can Save Your Skin!

You‘ve probably heard about Aloe Vera being good for sunburns but did you know that it has multiple benefits for the skin? It is one of the most common remedies for kin conditions. This is because the gel like parts of it is known to heal the skin. Before you go out and get yourself an Aloe Vera plant. We think it’s best to learn a bit more about what it can do for you. 


According to Healthline there are over 420 species of aloe Vera plants that exists out in the world. The one that we most commonly use for our skin is called Aloe Barbadensis Miller. It can be used as a conventional medicine simply by just breaking apart the plant and using the gel like substance inside it. While it may be too much of a hassle for some, there are way to b able to buy the gel already separated form the plant. This is what most people go for.


Now, onto the many benefits that it provides. It’s always good to say that before using anything on your skin it’s good to check with your dermatologist so that you can make sure it’s safe for you to use. You never know if your skin is going to have a bad reaction to something you put on it.


One of the more common benefits as you may already know is for burns and sunburns. It has compounds called Polysaccharides that help encourage skin repair and for new skin cells to grow. Not only that but it also help sooth pain with another compound called Carboxypeptidase. It’s a great way to manage the symptoms that these things may bring and it can be applied right at home.


Coming in at number two on our list is the fact that it really moisturize your skin! It contains about 95% of water so it’s no secret that it can help hydrate the area you put it on. The best part is that it leaves no greasy feeling afterwards. When your skin becomes dehydrated, this can decrease the production of collagen, resulting in premature aging and wrinkles. This is something that we want to steer clear of our whole lives. Using Aloe Vera as a moisturizing product can help make sure that your skin never becomes dehydrated!


Teenagers, and even adults, are always in this constant battle with their skin. When hormones kick in our skin is very prone to acne and breakouts. This can decrease confidence and make someone want to hide their face. While some people experience mild breakouts, there are others that experience severe ones. This is when Aloe Vera can come into play. The salicylic acid in Aloe Vera helps to unclog the pores ad remove the pesky scars that previous breakouts have brought. This is because it also can prevent the bacterium that’s responsible for breakout from forming.


At YMD we are all about confidence and bringing out your happiest you. This means making sure that we can tend to many different concerns. One of them is the ageing of skin and youth. Our services are able to make sure that the hands of time are turned back so that you can continue look as young as you feel. If you have a concern about how your skin looks or even a question about one of our existing services, all you have to do is give us a call. We can set up a FREE consultation and get you on the road to taking care of your skin the right way.


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