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5 Easy Ways To Shed Fat Without Exercising

When you decide to begin your weight loss journey, it can become a long process that can be discouraging at times. If you are new to the whole fitness side of things, you may have more trouble trying to figure out what works for you. This is going to consist of a lot of trial and error. 


Once you get the hang of it, it’s just about sticking to what works for you. So many people just look at weight loss as a way to help their bodies look a specific way. While it may be able to help provide you with a fitter body, for those that need it, weight loss has many other benefits that people often overlook.


Understanding some of the benefits that weight loss can provide is a great first step. This may even help keep you motivated as you go through your weight loss journey. Not only that but reflecting on what benefits mean the most to you can help you formulate more realistic goals to carry out.


A big benefit of losing weight is how it may improve your mobility. This is because carrying around excess eight can put more pressure on your knees. As a result this may be able to help reduce arthritis symptoms in some people. If you think about it, increasing your mobility may also help you stay active which can improve your weight loss journey.


When you become more satisfied with your body, according to Greatist, your confidence and overall mood increases. There’s a link between diet and depression. Making sure you’re putting healthy foods into your body may help you feel better mentally, instead of diving into unhealthy snacks.


An added bonus of your weight loss journey brings on so many benefits like clearer skin! You can thank the nutrients that you would be getting from eating cleaner and promoting detoxification in the body. From that, you can even check stress relief off your list. When your weight is one less thing you have to worry about, you may have less to stress about and that may improve your quality of life.


Did you ever think that losing weight could actually save you money? Just think about it. When you are constantly eating out and buying fast food, all the money you spent can add up in the end. Meal prepping and finding time to cook at home will not only provide a healthier option but will also save your pockets!


When you are constantly in a rush, it can be difficult to add physical activity in your daily routine. Either that or it’s just not for you. We do have some tips that may be able to help you shed some pounds without having to step foot in a gym.


Ways To Shed Fat Without Exercising




At YMD in Orlando, FL we offer Coolsculpting as one of our services. It has become one of the fastest growing fat reduction treatments that are available today. When you get started on your weight loss journey, you’ll see that there are so many different fat reduction treatments out there. Many of them are ineffective or provide temporary results. With Coolsculpting you’ll experience a non-invasive way to “freeze” away your fat cells and get on the road to shedding the stubborn fat you’ve been wanting to get rid of.


Minimize Unhealthy Foods


When diving into a weight loss program, a lot of them will make sure that you are eating healthy. While this is a great tool to kick start the process, it’s all about balance. This means that when you want to indulge, it’s okay; it just has to be controlled. Using smaller plates when you are eating unhealthy foods will keep you from going back for more. Larger plates give off the impression that there is less food. In your eyes this means that you should go back for seconds. With a smaller plate, the amount of food will look just right, keeping you from over indulging.


Calorie Deficit


While on the food topic, it really is important to understand how calories affect weight gain and weight loss, especially if you’re not working out. The good thing is that the greatest amount of fat loss comes from what you put in your body. This means that the saying, “Abs are made in the kitchen” can be true! The way to put it in perspective is to just see the amount of calories something you want to consume is. When it comes to being in a calorie deficit, you are going to cut the amount of calories that you consume. For those that don’t have time to hit the gym, taking part in a calorie deficit can keep yourself from eating the amount of calories that you’d burn going to the gym for 45-60 minutes.


Drink Water


While this one may seem so simple to a lot of people, you’d be surprised at how many people don’t drink the required amount of water a day. Not only can this make you dehydrated but it can also open more space in your stomach for more food. It’s said that drinking about half a liter of water 20 minutes before having a mea will reduce your hunger. Because you’d feel full, you won’t consume as many calories as you initially would have if you didn’t drink anything.


Eat More Protein


Protein is a great food source that can also help keep you full so that you won’t continuously consume calories. Protein stays in the body longer than other types of foods and that is because your stomach takes time to digest it fully. Because of this, you may feel full longer and give more time in between meals.


How To Get Started


When you decide to get started on your weight loss journey, it takes so much more than the desire. Being able to successfully shed fat long term takes a lot of commitment and a well thought out plan. That is why we want to give you some tips to get started the right way.


Make The Decision


Making the conscious decision to lose weight and become a healthier version of yourself is the first step. For some people this can mean putting it on a piece of paper. On that piece of paper they can write the reasons as to why they want to lose weight and their goal. By doing this written contract you are making the decision more concrete and can look back on it whenever you get discouraged.


Gather Resources


Being able to acquire a support system and even do some research will help you along the way. Researching great tools to make your experience easier and better for you will help you become more educated on what you can do. Not only that but the Internet has a lot of easy recipes you can make at home to spice up your healthy eating. From there, being able to have the support of your family and friends is going to help you in the long run. Because weight loss is a long and hard process, having people to keep you motivated will ensure that you don’t give up.


Set Goals


When embarking on such a long journey, setting short goals and even rewarding yourself along the way may help keep you motivated. The long-term goals should be the amount of pounds you want to shed by a specific date. Till you reach that goal, the small little goals won’t make it seem like such a huge feat. To make sure that you accomplish these goals, make them very specific, even if it’s something extremely small. Any goal you accomplish is a step closer to your long-term goal!


Keep Track


The last thing you can do is keep track of where you are! Getting an evaluation from your doctor before, in the middle, and after will help you see how much you’ve progressed. Not only that but tracking your weekly meals will make you more aware of what you’re eating and if you’re doing it the right way. Keeping a journey will help create a space where you can write down your challenges and ways that you can overcome them as well.




At YMD we want to help you gain your confidence back in every way that we can. With services like Coolsculpting, we’re able to provide you with the best care to reach your goals. To hear more about what we have to offer all you have to do is visit our website. From there you can give us a call to schedule your FREE consultation today!


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