Dr. Ruth Yeilding, MD

4 Myths About Dermaplaning and the Truths You Should Know

The time has come to separate fact from fiction.

Dermaplaning is a skin treatment that helps remove dead cells and hair from your face. You may have also heard it called microplaning or blading. Regardless of the name, the overall purpose is the same. It will help improve your skin health and bring a more youthful and lively appearance to your face.

Dermaplaning is a service that has been used by many people. However, many others that have considered became apprehensive because of common myths that have been spread about the procedure. Four of those common myths are below followed by the facts that you should know.

Myth #1 – Dermaplaning Will Cause Your Hair to Grow Thicker

Many women undergo dermaplaning as a part of a HydraFacial in order to remove “peach fuzz” from their face. A common misconception is that this hair will actually grow back thicker and darker as a result. This hair soft and thin naturally, so it won’t grow back thicker and stronger. You won’t have to receive treatments more often to keep it away, either.

Myth #2 – Dermaplaning Can Be Painful

The rumor of it being painful is commonly assumed because there is a blade involved in the process. The truth is that the most that patients feel is a slight brushing or tickling of the skin. There is no pain involved at any point of the process. Even if you have sensitive skin, dermaplaning is the most effective way to exfoliate your skin.

Myth #3 – Your Skin Will Breakout After Dermaplaning

Not only is this myth completely false, but the exact opposite is the truth. Dermaplaning can actually help prevent your skin from breaking out. The removal of the dead skin cells and hair will keep your skin clear and provide that extra glow that people are looking to achieve. This is why that dermaplaning is performed before a HydraFacial. It helps maximize the benefits that the HydraFacial can do. So itt’s actually beneficial for your skin health, not detrimental.

Myth #4 – You Can Get the Same Results From Shaving

The blade of a traditional razor is thicker and as a result, you wouldn’t be able to remove as much of the dead skin cells as you would a micro blade that is used with a dermaplaning treatment. Skin care that you do yourself wouldn’t be nearly as beneficial as the service of a skin specialist like you would receive with a dermaplaning treatment.


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