Dr. Ruth Yeilding, MD

4 Myths About Botox and the Truths You Need to Know

Here is what you should know.

One truth that we all have to accept is that we get older. As we age, our appearance will change. Among those changes are wrinkles, lines around the eyes and mouth, and those on our forehead you may have heard referred to as the “11’s”.

Botox treatments have been proven to be effective in reducing these signs of aging and maintaining a more youthful appearance. It has been a reliable procedure for many patients over the years. While this is true, there have been statements made about Botox and the treatments that are simply not true. These four myths are among the most widely spread.

Myth #1 – The injections are painful.

This myth may have stemmed from the fact that Botox injections are usually given from a surgeon’s office like YMD. The truth is that most patients say they only feel a slight sting during the injection at worst. There can be a topical anesthesia applied before the treatment begins that can even address that. There should be very little pain involved with a proper Botox treatment.

Myth #2 – Botox can cause your face to be frozen.

Some people who are against Botox like to spread the myth that it can inhibit the muscles in your face from working properly and can lead to what is called a frozen face. This is simply false. The muscles are relaxed when the treatment is performed. As long as you’re working with someone who is qualified and experienced like Dr. Ruth Hill Yeilding, you can make all the same facial expressions after your treatment that you could before.

Myth #3 – Botox is only beneficial for wrinkles.

Botox can do a lot more than treat wrinkles alone. It has been used for back and neck pain, migraine treatment, voice issues in specific situations, and hyperhidrosis which is abnormal and excessive sweating. Your surgeon or clinician working with you could address these issues separately should you have any questions.

Myth #4 – Botox is actually toxic.

This myth goes back to how Botox was originally discovered. It was originally found to cause botulism and is a potent poison if ingested and digested. However, it has been determined to be a positive way to address many health issues as well as for improving facial appearance and reducing the signs of aging. It has even been approved by the Food and Drug Administration for such purposes.


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