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Cosmetic procedures are not only reserved for women. Men are beginning to understand that enhancing one’s appearance can lead to improvements in your professional and personal life. There are a variety of procedures that can enrich a man’s well being.

You likely want your face to look rejuvenated and younger, without compromising the striking lines and features associated with masculinity and strength.

Collectively, yet independently, we are offering patients a detailed and personalized consultation that can help you determine which procedure is right for you.


Ruth Hill Yeilding M.D.

Ruth Hill Yeilding M.D., a double board certified Ophthalmologist & Facial Cosmetic Surgeon, and Medical Director of YMD Eye & Face located in Winter Park, Florida, offers patients the option to restore their facial appearance naturally, resulting in a refreshed, vital look.

Dr. Yeilding delivers unique and expert treatments achieving functional and natural aesthetic results exceeding community standards and patient expectations.  Patients say “Natural” is the Dr. Yeilding signature look.

Restoring Your Confidence Never Looked So Good! Here’s How:

Get Rid of Your Wrinkles with BOTOX® Cosmetic

Special Dr. Pizarro Pricing: Purchase 30 units, Receive 20 Complimentary units of BOTOX® Cosmetic

BOTOX® Cosmetic not only treats the lines you have but also reverses them and prevents future lines from forming. Patients who begin a regimen of BOTOX® Cosmetic early on are able to stop wrinkles and creases from developing during the duration of treatment.

For those who begin later, after signs of wrinkles and creases exist, the result is softening and relaxation of the facial area—and a halting of additional damage while treatment continues.

Lose The Double Chin with KYBELLA®

Men in suits are lining up to have their double chins removed with the KYBELLA® treatment.  Your father and grandfather may have passed down their wisdom, charm and intelligence, but if they also bequeathed to you a double chin, you might not be so thrilled with your inheritance. A double chin can undermine the strength and masculinity of the profile, instead aging and weighing down the appearance.

Fortunately, there is a solution. KYBELLA®, it works to reduce and eradicate the stubborn submental fat responsible for unsightly double chins in men. Once fat is dissolved with Kybella, it does not return.

Look and Feel Younger with Laser Eye Lid Surgery

Eyes Wide Open! Did you know that Blepharoplasty is the second most common cosmetic surgery in men.

Eyelid Surgery (known medically as blepharoplasty) addresses droopy upper eyelids that make you look old and lower lid bags that make you look tired, even when you’re not. Dr. Yeilding has perfected a unique surgical approach using a precise laser beam to make incisions for eyelid lifts, instead of a scalpel as most surgeons do.  Dr. Yeilding incisions follow your specific anatomy, resulting in a refreshed and natural look.

Dr. Yeilding’s laser incisions are clean and precise, outperforming scalpel-based procedures for highly favorable healing and almost imperceptible scars. Another unique attribute to her lifts is that she uses a delicate and highly refined laser resurfacing technique to tighten lower lid skin and rejuvenate your facial appearance.  Patients say not having a tired appearance translates to more highly engaged communication—professionally and personally.

Ruth Hill Yeilding M.D is known for natural looking results and uses specialized laser techniques that foster a natural and conservative rejuvenation.

Ruth Hill Yeilding M.D is an advocate for conservative surgery and a less is more philosophy in male blepharoplasty that results in natural looking rejuvenation.

Eyelid Surgery Before And After Photos




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