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Juvéderm® & Juvéderm VOLUMA® Facial Fillers for Folds and Lines around the Mouth, and Enhancing Volume in the Lips and Cheeks

Juvéderm® is a non-evasive (non-surgical) yet highly effective way to address visible signs of aging. All Juvederm injectable dermal treatments are tailored and performed by Dr. Yeilding in the privacy of our Winter Park office. Having completed clinical research on Botox® alternatives for the treatment of facial wrinkles, Dr. Yeilding is an expert in administering dermal fillers for unsurpassed aesthetic results.

A common effect of aging is a decrease in fat pads of the face. Because of this, gravity tends to make the skin sag and repetitive muscle movement causes the skin wrinkle. YMD’s combination of a highly reliable facial filler product and a specialized physician provider does wonders for patients seeking a volumizing, non-surgical, facial rejuvenation.

Collection of Dermal Fillers | JUVÉDERM®

The picture above shows Dr. Yeilding’s before and after results for Juvéderm® lips in a 54 year old female.


Juvéderm® & Juvéderm VOLUMA®

Juvéderm® is the “gold standard” in facial filler for volumizing. Introduced in 2006, Juvéderm® was considered a true next generation hyaluronic acid (HA) product.  It has a unique cross-linking (hardening process) totally displacing the older generation of collagen fillers.  Since then, nothing has come close in consistent long-term performance for patients seeking facial filler. 

The benefits of this procedure include: 

The Versatility of Juvéderm®

Juvéderm® for those deep lines around your mouth

A certain area especially prone to very deep and long lines is the area around our mouth. The lines that run UP, from the tips of our smile, up to the outside of our nose are called Nasolabial folds. Nasolabial folds can be very deep and typically further deepen as the years pass.

Nasolabial Folds GraphicSmile lines are lines that run around the outside corners of our smile that seem to form parentheses around our mouth. Oddly enough, when the shape of the oral commissure (the corner joining the upper and lower lips) has a distinctive turned-down direction due to aging, we can appear as if we are frowning. Dr. Yeilding can help fix these age-related smile lines that have turned into frown lines.  Frown Lines that lengthen down the chin are also known as Marionette Lines (so named because they look like the lines seen when a marionettes’ jaw moves while talking). These lines around the mouth are all associated with aging and are often quite deep-set. In the hands of Dr Yeilding, Juvéderm® injected into these lines can significantly diminish them or make them disappear entirely along with the surrounding wrinkles.

Juvéderm® for Lips

Thinning of lips is another unfortunate, yet natural effect of aging.  Overdone lip injections, especially those done with the patient’s own fat, are some of the most problematic and visible signs of plastic surgery gone wrong. Dr Yeilding never uses fat injections in lips because of the variable nature of shape and volume over time. Unlike the highly stable and reliable Juvéderm®  HA filler for lips, fat can naturally grow in unpredictable ways over time.  Dr. Yeilding is also extremely conservative with her injections choosing slight volume enhancement while focusing on aesthetic shaping first using a stable, natural filler product.

The smoothness of the filler product is critical for the precise effect needed to achieve natural and beautiful lips. Additionally, Dr. Yeilding’s gentle and highly effective numbing technique is the reason why patients are surprised by the lack of pain during their injection.

Juvéderm VOLUMA® for Cheeks

Slight volume enhancements, with experienced shaping, creates the look of higher cheekbones can do wonders for your appearance.  When new or returning patients are discussing their treatment options with a YMD Team member, the staff may light-heartedly say: “It’s time for you to Get Cheeky with Dr. Yeilding”.  The staff know how good her results can be and how happy the patients are with their rejuvenated look.

Juvederm Cheeks Before and After Photograph

The image above shows Dr. Yeilding’s before and after results for Juvederm Cheeks and healed laser lid lift (laser blepharoplasty).

In an exciting development, in October 2013 Juvéderm VOLUMA® received FDA approval in the United States for cheek volumizing.  VOLUMA is the one and only HA filler product FDA approved for this application. Important for patients, Juvéderm VOLUMA® has the same fundamental hyaluronic acid (HA) biocompatibility and smoothness critical to regular Juvéderm® success, but it has been bio-engineered for the unique cohesive needs for cheek volumizing and has achieved the unique feature of lasting a full 24 months.

What Issues can Juvéderm® address?

Juvéderm® Before and After Gallery

Our Technique

Meet YMD's Expert

Dr. Ruth Hill Yeilding

Double Board Certified Facial Plastic Surgeon

Most of Dr. Yeilding’s patients tend to think long-term, and many receive multiple treatments over time. Although some patients may want to proceed more aggressively than others, Dr. Yeilding will restrict the scope of treatments to yield conservative but effective aesthetic enhancement. Knowing “when to say no”, verses “doing a little more” is one of Dr. Yeilding’s guiding principles. 

Since all patients are different, Dr. Yeilding has found many facial filler treatments to be totally unnecessary for most patients, yet almost every patient does seem to have at least one of the issues above.  Based on her detailed assessment, Dr. Yeilding will carefully create a custom treatment plan that considers your age and aesthetic goals. When there is more than one issue to consider, Dr. Yeilding will advise you to begin with the issue that can achieve the most with a single treatment. 

Dr. Yeilding has received specialized training, first in Ophthalmology, to gain understanding of the ultra-complex set of muscles, nerves and blood vessels around the eye and face, and then Oculoplastics and Facial Plastic Surgery to be able to effectively manipulate facial anatomy to achieve aesthetic beauty. During her fellowship with the nationally known facial plastic surgeon, John P Fezza MD, in Sarasota FL, Dr. Yeilding learned the fundamentals of using this next generation facial filler technology to treat a wide variety of patient needs. Since then, Dr Yeilding’s patients have received significant aesthetic benefit because of her conservative, yet highly effective treatment approach using Juvéderm®, the “gold standard” in HA facial filler.

Frequently Asked Questions

While there are a variety of filler products available, each claiming some unique niche, Juvéderm is unmatched in long term safety in its application.

The usual side effects, if any, of Juvéderm filler are redness, minor swelling or bruising, tenderness, itching, or lumpiness. These usually within a day to a week.

While all HA products are harmlessly absorbed into the body over time, as Juvéderm diminishes over the nominal 12 months (Juvéderm for folds and wrinkles) to 24 months (Juvéderm Voluma for cheeks), it lasts the longest of all HA products. However, each re-treatment is more consistent due to the proven stability of the product.

This treatment typically takes less than 25 minutes. There is no downtime, and most daily activities can resume shortly afterwards. Our staff will provide you with clear after care instructions to improve post-procedure comfort.

Dr. Yeilding’s gentle and highly effective numbing technique is actually a precise nerve block. This reduces her patient’s apprehension over injection treatments to sensitive areas on the face. Patients are surprised by the lack of pain during their injection and thrilled with the results.

Dr. Yeilding is looking forward to meeting you!