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Brow Lift – Forehead Lift Surgery

One of the very noticeable features of aging is the shape and descent of our eyebrows. Female eyebrows are arch shaped and located slightly above the orbital rim. The male eyebrow is typically more horizontal with less of an arch than females and aligned at the orbital rim. For both male and female, eyebrows can droop with age and cause overlapping with the eyelids.

Dr. Yeilding has seen thousands of eyelids and eyebrows and with a careful evaluation can tell you whether your situation is best improved by an eyelid lift (to remove excess eyelid skin), a brow lift (raise brow position), or both. Although it turns out that an eyelid lift is the most common procedure for a majority of patients, a conservative and natural appearing browlift may be needed for the best cosmetic outcome.

Dr. Yeilding’s preferred brow lift technique is “mini open brow lift” as opposed to a common alternative approach the endoscopic brow lift. Dr. Yeilding believes that the relapse rate for endoscopic brow lifts and other small incision browlifts is high and patients often see their brows droop again much more quickly than anticipated. Dr. Yeilding uses a trichophytic incision made slightly behind the hairline in such a way to allow the hair to regrow through the incision thus hiding the scar. The mini open brow approach does not elevate the forehead hairline or modify deep tissues and does not require special hardware or holes to be drilled in the skull. The mini open brow lift offers longevity of results and stability compared to other types of brow lifts.*


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By Ruth Hill Yeilding


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